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We have establisted new Maintenance and Repair Center very close to Barcelona Port.

Following works will be supported.

  • Dismantling and assembling motor parts (cylinder heads, pistons, coolers, etc), maintaining and repairing motors.
  • Providing assistance to the crew or external technicians with maintenance, guarantee or repair work (reducing the cost of transportation of components to distant workshops).
  • Providing assistance with the routine maintenance of the turbo blowers on main motors.
  • Repairing all types of pumps (centrifugal, coupled, water, fuel, etc).
  • Machining pump housing, impellers, constructing axles and bushings.
  • Repairing impellers through welding on additional material.
  • Repairing exhaust valves through the addition of material and grinding.
  • Repairing air compressors, installing new compressors, reconfiguring banks of pipes and pipe couplings.
  • Repairing generator and port turbo motors.
  • Fuel injector tuning on auxiliary motor injectors, changing nozzles.
  • Constructing single and multiple tailor-made components (based on either a sample or a plan).
  • Constructing axles and transmissions.
  • Repairing and renovating crane pulleys.
  • Replacing crane pulleys and cables.
  • Repairing rollers, fairleads, winches and pulleys
  • Changing winch brake shoes.
  • Repairing winch arms, spindles and brakes.
  • Adjusting, turning and line boring machine work.
  • Constructing toothed components.
  • Repairing hydraulic cylinders, changing joint kits, chromium plating axles and constructing cylinder pistons.
  • Burnishing generator cylinder sleeves.
  • Turning aluminium pistons in the rings area because of wear.
  • Replacing anchors and chains.
  • Constructing special joints.
  • Machining and adjustment of bearings in electrical motor covers.
  • Repairing electric motor rotor axles.
  • Replacing electric motor bearings.
  • Rewinding Electric Motors
  • Various Metal fabrications works

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Omnium Product Overview Catalogue
Our supply range includes following equipment:
  • Test and Calibration
  • Diagnostic Equipment
  • Environmental and Engine Control
  • Instrument Valves
  • Gas Detection Equipment
  • Flow and Level
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Thermal Imager
  • Metrology
Omnium Marine Services works with many national and International manufacturers and suppliers, including : Amot Controls, Brannan - Rexotherm, Cygnus Instruments Ltd, Lehmann & Michels, Marinfloc AB, MSA, Parker Filtration, Prisma Technik, QMI, Riken Keiki Company, SIKA, Schneider, GE-sensing, Servomex and WIKA.