Our supply range includes Gaskets and Plates for most of the European but also many US brands.Please select a brand on the left side of this page to see the available models.

All our gaskets are manufacured by our partner Thornhill, a specialised maker in UK. Our main idea is to reduce Gasket lead time to the absolute minimum thus making our company a one stop shop for all your gasketing requirements.

We have a wide availability of New and Reconditioned Plates in many materials like 316 or Tittannium and in all available thicknesses.

In addition to our extensive spare parts options we are also able to offer a range of high quality Plate Heat Exchangers. Available in both new and refurbished variants, the client remains assured that all models are designed and built to the demanding tolerances.

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The correct choice of gasket characteristics is crucial to the effective operation of the Plate Heat Exchanger. Since the majority of Plate Heat Exchanger gaskets are manufactured from perishable rubber polymers, they require replacing as the gasket loses the ability to seal through hardening and deterioration.

This gives Omnium the flexibility to deliver gaskets of any size. We deliver gaskets for any type, make and model of plate heat exchanger, resulting in products manufactured to OEM specification with response times to be envied.