Our supply range includes OEM and replacement spare parts for most of the European but also many Japanese brands.We will offer you parts for Centrifugal Pumps, Screw pumps, Standard Cavity Pumps, Eccentric Screw pumps, Magnetic Drive pumps and others. Please select a brand to see the available models.
All our parts are manufacured by European specialised makers, in most cases from existing or old License Factories who produce pumps and parts according to OEM specifications. Therefore we can offer the OEM quality without compromising on attractive price for our customer.
The number of available models require a deep knowledge of each pump. Our data base will assist us identify the mechanical seal and we will have it available directly made from the specific seal manufacturer, avoiding channels that require extra time and money.
Special Service Kits are available from stock for immediate shipment.
Along with our huge range of spare parts, we have a delivery program that includes complete new pumps made according to customer request. If your existing pumps are weak points of service and installation, if you are suffering endless counts of problems like poor performance, breakdowns of pump or coupling assemblies and expensive spare parts, then we encourage you to ask for a solution in the range of Magnatex Pumps. We will carefully look into your request and will try to offer a pump suitable for your specific application.

Hot Products

We introduce our new delivery program of MAGNATEX PUMPS.

A maker of pumps for most process applications in a wide range of designs and materials.

• Sealed and Sealless, Magnetic Drive Pumps
• ANSI, sub-ANSI & ISO centrifugal pumps, as well as small gear-pumps
• Long and close-coupled pumps for NEMA or IEC motors
• Metallic – Ductile Iron, Steel, Stainless Steels, Alloy 20, Alloy B&C, Monel and Titanium
• Non-Metallic lined pumps – Polypropylene,PVDF, ETFE and PFA

Magnatex metal mag-drive pumps feature a straddle-mounted inner magnet design that reduces radial shaft load. This feature allows operation accross the entire performance..

Although Stators and Rotors are extremely essential and expensive components for these models, many other parts are important for a complete overhaul.
With parts strictly made in Germany, we offer a complete range of available from stock parts for the following brands:
Allweiller, Bornemann, Mono, Netzsch, PCM, Resch, Seepex and others